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Is trying to learn how to learn to see.

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Two Papers at ECCV

We are presenting two papers at ECCV 16. Improve your semantic segmentation network with an Bilateral Inception Module and estimate full 3D bodies from static images but keep it SMPL (pdf soon).

Deep Learning Workshop in July

Together with Aurelien Lucchi and Thomas Hofmann I am organizing a Deep Learning Workshop in July. Visit the website here.

Two CVPR papers accepted

We have two papers accepted at CVPR 16. Check out how to estimate multiple people in images with DeepCut (pdf) and learn bilateral CNNs (pdf).

I am area chair at ECCV 2016

I was appointed as area chair at ECCV 2016.

I am area chair at NIPS 2016

I was appointed as area chair at NIPS 2016.

Inverse Rendering

A workshop on the topic of Inverse Rendering to be held at ICCV in Chile Website link.

T-PAMI Associate Editor

I was appointed associated editor of T-PAMI.

GCPR 2015 Aachen

Together with Jürgen Gall and Bastian Leibe I will be organizing GCPR 2015 in Aachen. Read the Call for papers and the Call for workshops.

Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience

I joined the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience at the University of Tübingen and will keep my affiliation with the MPI.

Upcoming course

Together with Andreas Geiger I will be teaching Intelligent Systems - Graphical Models in Computer Vision at the university of Tuebingen.

Visiting MSRC

I spent August 2014 as a visiting researcher at MSR Cambridge

Advanced Structured Prediction

Check out the forthcoming book on structured prediction from MIT press

New homepage

This is my new homepage. I hope you like it. You can also download the source.

CVPR and ICLR papers accepted

2 CVPR papers and one ICLR paper accepted

Thomas Nestmeyer

Thomas Nestmeyer starts as a PhD student. He works on intrinsic image decompositions.

ECCV area chair

I serve as ECCV 2014 area chair